“So Many Options?” Full Moon in Sagittarius May 21 2016

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  • 19 May, 2016
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image “I was never aware of any other option but to question everything.” 

― Noam Chomsky

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

― John C. Maxwell



Is your head spinning?

Are the orbits of your ideas thrashing  about in your mind?

Yep, welcome to the Sagittarius full moon.

Indecisiveness at this full moon leaves us with a feeling of being torn by both lack of the information we want and mind boggling amounts of  information that just leave us  confused.

We need to understand that indecisiveness is really just a cry for more information. Sagittarius and Gemini are ALL about gathering and expressing information.

We are also at a crossroads.  We have begun  to see the transition of our  three dimensional existence into other dimensions and it does not come without pain.

If you look at the rage and confusion around us, you will see that much of it is the ego refusing to let go of old ideas of a reality that seemed to be set in stone.  Egos pride themselves in making the correct choice, but we live in a period of time where there are too many choices for there to be only one correct answer. 

We  also have Mercury in Taurus deliberate in information, Pluto in Capricorn transforming how we see the authority figures in our life, and Jupiter in Virgo expanding our understanding, all in a Grand Trine.

We have a culture that is a mix of people who existed prior to the internet, a solid three dimensional existence, and people who have never known a world without the added dimensions it offers.

We are at a place where what we used to believe to be true is not, and the path unfolding may be conflicted. The information we  have relied on to make our decisions is quickly changing. We are receiving our data from multiple sides now. We have more options before us than we have been trained to see and it’s exhausting to the brain to learn so many new things. Think about it, every time you learn something new it gives you another option ad the internet is expanding rapidly with information. 

The view of the polarity of life is changing.

The idea of a  dichotomy of male vs female is in transition.

The polarity of most of what we see is changing. It’s part of our own transition from three dimensional living. We are used to seeing and thinking in binary systems but now we are aware of the quantum systems that have always been there. This is really hard on people who’s brains are solidly wired to a three dimensional world.

As a huge fan of Prince, I would say he was prophetic in his glyph. We are in the process of forming a language to explain our new understanding.

” I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, I am something you will never understand .” – Prince 

 There is now space for an understanding that was not acknowledged prior. If we have options in how we define ourselves we also have options in how we define every area of our life. We have come to a place where the perscribed path no longer serves and we have to change course. That is evolution in a nutshell.

This is where the Shamans and Prophets are needed most, to show us what’s really out there.

We still have 4 planets in retrograde giving us time and space to process our ideas.  It’s important to choose actions in integrity  to who you are and It’s not as easy as it sounds. At this moon we are at 1 degree Sagittarius and the next full moon is in the last stages of Sagittarius at 29 degrees. We will be focusing on the Sagittarius experience of the need for personal truth and growth. What area of life do you feel highlighted at this moment? Where in your life do you feel stagnant?


Sun(awareness) in Gemini( information, communication, adaptable).

moon( emotion) in Sagittarius ( need for freedom, impulsive, wants to find personal truth).

Mercury(R) (communication) in Taurus (pesistant, quiet with opinions,deliberate).

Venus (love, beauty, posssessions) in Taurus (centered on Physical comforts and physical expressions of love).

Mars(R) (action) in Sagittarius (playful, fun, may feel the need to flee the scene).

Saturn(R) (karma) in Sagittarius (progressive, thinking, individualist).

Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (expands through helpfuness, good deeds, inner expansion of understanding).

Neptune (illusions) in Pisces (appreciates meditation).

Chiron (R)(wounded healer) in Pisces (healing through intuition).

Uranus (sudden changes) in Aries (Progressive, independent, innovative).

Pluto(R) (transformation) in Capricorn (success, powers that be).

Lilith (wounded mother) in Libra (focused on women’s issues, concerned with legal rights).

North Node ( our future) in Virgo(service, productive, task oriented).

South Node(our past) in Pisces ( healing, Psychic). Full moons are about releasing what is no longer needed or a culmination of an energy. Meditate and write down what you would like to release and safely burn.


What area of your life is changing without your consent? What area of your life have you tried to change but it stays stagnant or in a cycle you cannot get out of?

How can you look at these dilemmas differently?

Do you have someone in your life who has a creative vision?how do they look at life differently than you?






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