“Chaos Is the Law of Nature “Full moon in Sagittarius June 20 2016

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  • 19 June, 2016
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“Chaos is what we’ve lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control.”
― Terence McKenna

“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
― Henry Adams


This full moon and Soltice with a mutable Grand Cross is heavy on the Cacauphanous noise of the mind. Opposition and chaos are upon us, but they are not without grace.

Astrology deals in geometry. The simple geometry we learned in Highschool was actually an introduction to the sacred language of the Universe. When certain angles activate the energy of the Universe in Fire, water, earth and air our lives are influenced.

The influence of this particular energy is  how we need to  connect our thoughts with our beliefs. This work will bring possibilities of major breakthroughs. We just need to sift through the chaos and this can make us feel exceptionally vulnerable.

The Sun in Gemini (adaptable), sextile to Uranus in Aries (innovative),opposing Mars in Scorpio retrograde (wants to do the seemingly impossible),all form a Yod, or the finger of God. It is pointing the way to the focus.

The full moon is an opposition that highlights the resistance we face in our relationships and we are in relationship to everything. 

A full moon at the time of Summer Soltice offers a beautiful opportunity to find balance between the Gemini intellectual mind or world, with the Sagittarius higher mind or otherworldly. Thus connecting the Gemini details of your beliefs into the Sagittarius big picture.

Beliefs are difficulty to sift through though. Just like writing, it’s strenuous  to be your own editor. We correct unconsciously  in our minds and can easily miss crucial inconsistencies.

The Grand Cross in mutable signs, is a fluid  aspect,so we will be seeing both sides of an argument. Saturn in Sagittarius question beliefs and boundaries, Mercury in Gemini question everything and a square with Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo having us questioning the details of  our beliefs. Mercury squaring Neptune open up to understanding the illusions as well as the possibilities. 

These oppositions are bringing light to what we did not want to see about ourselves within the realm of the big picture. It is also showing us a path to who we want to be.

The chaos is  akin to your  lower mind cleaning house for your higher mind (that you want to impress), so it can see what you want it to see. Then, the unconditional love of the higher mind make it it’s  mission to find everything you were hiding so it can truly get to know you and offer healing.  Your higher mind can seem to be a very rude house guest, looking at your checkbook and going through closets, but it’s really just trying to figure out how it can help. The acrobatics of the lower/ higher mind dance are at times demoralizing.Yet, it is necessary if you want an authentic relationship with yourself.

This all brings to mind the story of ” The Emporers New Clothes”, imagine the boy as your higher mind and the Emporer your lower mind:


Sun(awareness) in Gemini( information, communication, adaptable).

moon( emotion) in Sagittarius (a need for space and new experiences).

Mercury(communication) in Gemini (quick witted, a little scatterbrained , love to share life’s facts and figures).

Venus (love, beauty, posssessions) in Cancer (committed, predictable, security minded,comfortable).

Mars(R) (action) in Scorpio (strong willpower, formidable, likes to do what can’t be done).

Saturn(R) (karma) in Sagittarius (progressive, thinking, individualist).

Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (expands through helpfuness, good deeds, inner expansion of understanding).

Neptune (illusions) in Pisces (appreciates meditation).

Chiron (R)(wounded healer) in Pisces (healing through intuition).

Uranus (sudden changes) in Aries (Progressive, independent, innovative).

Pluto(R) (transformation) in Capricorn (success, powers that be).

Lilith (wounded mother) in Libra (focused on women’s issues, concerned with legal rights).

North Node ( our future) in Virgo(service, productive, task oriented).

South Node(our past) in Pisces ( healing, Psychic).


Who helps you see what you do not want to?

Do they do it with love?

What is your paradox?

What is your hypocrisy?

Think back 10 years, how have your ideas of truth changed? 20 years?

30 years?

A full moons is a release of what no longer serves and honors what is still relevant.  Meditate and write down what you want to release and safely burn. Take time to honor what is relevant.





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