” Emotional Labyrinth ” New moon in Cancer July 4 2016

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  • 3 July, 2016
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“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom as great. You have no power over me!”
―A. C. H. Smith


Innocence to wisdom.

That is the goal of our emotional life. The path from beginning to end is a labryinth of twists, tests and turns that challenge our patience and resolve along the way.

 Chaos is the order of the day, but with crisis come opportunity for meaningful change. However, there is so much coming at us from so many angles that, whether it’s personal or public, it may be difficult to sort through. 

There are so many competing ideas and feelings that we need to take a moment. In Buddhism it is recognized that we have more than one mind speaking to us at any given time. To sort through what is noise and what is truth we must remember this:

“Half the time you think your thinking you’re actually listening”
― Terence McKenna


We have the sun, moon, Mercury and Venus opposing Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Uranus which may bring power struggles to a head in our relationships. It’s time to take risks where our needs are concerned. Pluto  is powerful and in Capricorn is challenging. Capricorn represents  Possessions, jobs, egos, life/death, government. Pluto in Capricorn is bringing transformation to our ideas of physical security. We can no longer rely on old methods or ideas of what protection offers. Deep down, I think we all understand that the physical world offers little safety and that’s why we work so hard to get feel secure.

Think of the major political issues at hand. With Immigration, gun control, terrorism etcetera, we want to believe that if we just figure out how to control theses issues we will be secure.

Not true.

It Was never true.  

It was an attempt at  controlling false security that lead us to where we are right now, less secure than ever before.

Now as we ease into the Cancer season, we have an opportunity to look at where we find our emotional  center. We have the sun (awareness), moon ( emotion), Mercury (communication)and Venus (love, possessions) in Cancer, a water sign, as well as Mars (action) in Scorpio,and Neptune (illusions) and Chiron(wounded healer) in Pisces, also water signs. The water element represents our emotions. Cancer represents our emotional security. The one true constant is change, but finding your center is your true security.

New moons are new beginnings and this one one offers an opportunity to look at what truly calms us.

Mars stationed for the last few days is beginning to move direct again. We may feel less trapped or stagnant than we have for a bit.

Saturn squaring Neptune is continuing through mid October , this will challenge what we believe and who we trust. Illusions and veils are lifting at  this time.

This reminds me of a story about the biggest illusion, when overcome leads to wisdom. The tangle of ego and enlightenment:

                                            Nothing Exists

Yamaoka Tesshu, as a young student of Zen, visited one master after another. He called upon Dokuon of Shokoku.

Desiring to show his attainment, he said: “The mind, Buddha, and sentient beings, after all, do not exist. The true nature of phenomena is emptiness. There is no realization, no delusion, no sage, no mediocrity. There is no giving and nothing to be received.”

Dokuon, who was smoking quietly, said nothing. Suddenly he whacked Yamaoka with his bamboo pipe. This made the youth quite angry.

“If nothing exists,” inquired Dokuon, “where did this anger come from?”


Instead of questions at this new moon, I am posting a worksheet below from James Patrick McDonald:



Sun (awareness) in Cancer (mother energy,protective, tender, humble).

Moon (emotion) in Cancer (nostalgic, sensitive, habitual, homebody).

Mercury ( communication) in Cancer ( easily influenced, quick to pick up a mood).

Venus (love, beauty, posssessions) in Cancer (committed, predictable, security minded,comfortable).

Mars (action) in Scorpio (strong willpower, formidable, likes to do what can’t be done).

Saturn(R) (karma) in Sagittarius (progressive, thinking, individualist).

Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (expands through helpfuness, good deeds, inner expansion of understanding).

Neptune (illusions) in Pisces (appreciates meditation).

Chiron (R)(wounded healer) in Pisces (healing through intuition).

Uranus (sudden changes) in Aries (Progressive, independent, innovative).

Pluto(R) (transformation) in Capricorn (success, powers that be).

Lilith (wounded mother) in Libra (focused on women’s issues, concerned with legal rights).

North Node ( our future) in Virgo(service, productive, task oriented).

South Node(our past) in Pisces ( healing, Psychic).

new moons are new beginnings. Meditate on where you want a new beginning. Write them down and watch them grow.



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