“From Both Sides” New Moon in Libra September 30,2016

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  • 30 September, 2016
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“In the end, it wasn’t so much that there was an alternative narrative–there always was–but it came down to belief: Which one did you want to believe. Which one suited you best? Or, perhaps more to the point: Which one told the story you were already telling yourself?”
― Michael Paterniti


This new moon in Libra is focused on building bridges to true harmony. Its seems a little out of reach right now doesn’t it?

It’s been pretty noisy socially and politically over the last few year and it seems we have reached a crescendo.

As crazy as it seems, we are just watching people expressing their thoughts, like it or not. It’s part of accepting each other even though it looks more like excepting (sorry, I could not resist).

At this new moon, the energy is affecting our personal relationships. An organic relationship faces the ideas and ideals of two people crashing into each other from time to time. Sometimes that relationship helps us on our path and sometimes it hinders.

It is healthy and normal to not agree on everything. It is also healthy and normal to pick your battles and stand for what you believe in. Finding the balance between the two is what Libra is all about.

At this new moon we have Venus trine to Neptune which is a pleasant energy. It asks us how we want to give in our relationships to make life better for all. Mercury opposing Chiron asks What do I want to share? How do I appreciate others and what they have to give?

Now, with the Sun, moon and Jupiter all in Libra, we turn our focus to wisdom and giving. We feel a need to see life from both side. We are looking for the natural harmony that brings some peace and it may get a little scrappy.

Mars  just moved into Capricorn is exalted here. Mars feels confident in his ability to accomplish his ambitions. Practicality is highlighted. We feel better when Mars is in a sign that it able to bring focused energy to.

Mars will soon be  squaring Jupiter  keeping us grounded. Conflict will arise, but if addressed it will fade away. If we deny that there are different sides to an issue, we deny the richness of life.

Jupiter in Libra is about opening our mind. expanding beyond the binary. We are in a time where the ideas of our distinct roles are being challenged.

We have interaction, sharing,and creative opportunities. It may seem effortless because going with the flow allows us to unplug from distraction.

Venus’ recent move to Scorpio also helps us to be less afraid to address conflict so we can  sort things out.

One of my all time favorite songs “Both sides Now”, by Joni Mitchell has such an amazing relevancy to this moon. I decided to include both sides of the video. What do you think Joni Mitchell has learned between the 1970 version and the 2000 version? What have you learned?:



Planet placement:

Sun(awareness) in Libra
Moon (emotion) in Libra
Mercury(communication) in Virgo
Venus (love and beauty) in Scorpio
Mars (action) in Capricorn
Saturn( karma) in Sagittarius
Uranus (sudden changes) in Aries
Neptune (illusions, magic) in Pisces
Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn
Lilith (scorned mother) in Scorpio
North node(where we are heading) in Virgo


How do you show up for your relationships?

What do you have to give?

What do you need to receive?

Where have you found your biggest lessons?

new moons are opportunities for new beginnings. Meditate on the bridge you would like to build in your relationship and write it down. now watch it flourish.




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